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John Onorato:A Trek Eulogy (articles)
One man’s account of his journey towards getting over the demise of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series.
Kim Deterline:Activists Put the Public in Public TV (articles)
A commentary on how public television must fulfill its mandate.
Darryll Hobson:Alien, Aliens, and Alien3 (articles)
Information and frequently asked questions about the Sigourney Weaver film series.
Marnie Carroll:American Television in Europe: Problematizing the Notion of Pop Cultural Hegemony (articles>media>television>international)
Many Americans believe that their culture is indeed the dominant culture in the world. This article discusses how.
Adam Cadre:And a Purple Dinosaur Shall Lead Them (articles)
A look at how Barney is helping shape the next political generation.
Annalee Newitz:Anime Otaku: Japanese Animation Fans (articles)
Explores what it means when one nation’s culture produces an audience beyond its own borders and why American fans of Japanese animation call themselves by a Japanese word that the Japanese use as an insult.
Joe Sartelle:As If We Were a Community (articles)
A meditation on the odd experience of attending both the Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco and the "25 Year Mission Tour" Star Trek convention in San Mateo.
Anonymous:Asian-American Filmography (lists)
A synopsis of several Asian-American films.
Banff:Banff Television Festival Online (sites)
The home page of the Banff film festival.
Alyson Bardsley:Batman/Election-Returns (articles)
Explores the political motivations in Batman Returns and questions the plot (or lack thereof) of the movie.
Anne Caluwaert:Ben Nealon Newsy (bristish actors)
Dedicated to the British actor Ben Nealon who is best known for his role in Soldier, Soldier...
Crystal Kile:Beverly Hills 90210 as Nostalgia Television (articles)
A look at the realism in the popular television series.
Edward Lee Whiteside:Black Adder (guides)
An episode guide to Black Adder, including casts lists and credits.
Rubio and Sandell:Blood-Splattering Movies in Hong Kong Action Movies (articles)
A view on masochism in Hong Kong action films and a thorough exploration of Chow Yun-Fat’s mouth.
Ed Korthof:Bridges of Madison County and Other Romanes With Ideology (articles)
Author’s view of how love functions within ideology as a form of denial, especially when it obscures class boundaries.
Joe Lockard:Britney Spears, Victorian Chastity and Brand-name Virginity (articles>media>gender)
A discussion of the construction of sexual identity for popular media celebrities.
Freya Johnson:Camp and Corporate Capitalism in Batman Forever (articles)
Explores the homoerotic symbolism in Batman Forever.
Elisabeth Hurst:Canadian Content Rules Or, Why Bryan Adams Isn't Canadian Content (articles>television>international>canadian)
A discussion of Canadian national television programming in the 1970s.
Jeff Cohen:Centrist Ideology of the News Media (articles)
Is there propoganda in the middle of the road, or is it pure news?
Stewart Clamen:Clamen's Movie Information (guides)
Information about movies, including reviews and playing times and locations.
Janine Jackson:Commercials on Noncommercial TV (articles)
Are those really commercials on PBS?
Joe Sartelle:Cynicism and the Election (articles)
A discussion of our society’s cynicism and how it inhibits our ability to affect change in America.
Steven Rubio:Dan Quayle Was Right (articles)
Was Dan Quayle right when he accused the Murphy Brown series of being a contribution to Bill Clinton’s campaign?
Ana Victoria Aenlle:Director, Producer, Artist Ana Victoria Aenlle (Experimental Film)
Director, Producer, Artist Ana Victoria Aenlle's Blog. Works in Progress, Stills, Prints, from Award Winning, Internationally Exhibited Films, Filmography, and Vitae.
gaby schein:Don Askarian (people>filmmakers)
Don Askarian was born in 1949, in Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh. In 1967 he went to Moscow and studied history and art. He worked as an assistant-director and film critic for a year after. In 1975-1977 Don Askarian was imprisoned. In 1978 he emigrated from the USSR. For the past 20 years he lives and woks in Germany. He is a prize winner at several international film festivals.
qwer y:Download Ghost Rider 2 Movie (Movies)
Download Ghost Rider 2 Movie, Watch Ghost Rider 2 Movie, Watch Ghost Rider 2 Online, Ghost Rider 2 Download
Drew:Drew's Scripts Archive (guides)
A guide to various television and movie scripts.
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Julio Cesar Romero:Enigma Productions Group, Inc. (Film and TV)
Independent digital film and television production company.
Jonathan Sterne:Entering McLuhan from the Rear (articles)
Jonathan Sterne acknowledges that the media are powerful agents of social change -- and he wonders what kinds of changes they will be used to effect.
Enzian Theatre:Enzian (sites)
The home page for the Enzian Theatre.
Otto Heuer:Fawlty Towers Episode Guide (guides)
An episode guide to the John Cleese series.
Rick Francis:Film Noir Filmography (lists)
A chronological listing of film noirs.
Frank Baker:Film Study Guide: To Kill A Mockingbird (Film Study Guide)
Online guide to TKAM, designed to assist teachers and students view the film through the lens of media literacy and the language of film.
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Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith:Fountainhead Tanz Theatre/Black International Cinema/The Collegium - Forum & Television Program Berlin/Cultural Zephyr e.V. (Intercultural, Interdisciplinary and International Productions in the Disciplines of Film/Video, Dance, Theatre, Television, Publications and Seminars)
We are an international, inter-cultural community of persons engaged in achieving increasing understanding and cooperation between individuals and groups in support of democratic procedures and the elimination of violence, religious, ethnic and gender persecution, youth exploitation, homophobia and racial hatred through the process of art, education, culture and dialogue.
Freya Johnson:Frat Boy Fetishism: When the Goods Get Together (articles)
Beautiful people are used to sell cars – is anyone surprised?
Johan DeSilva:Future Movies (Film)
Reviews by a number of journalists backed up by related interviews and film articles. Also includes a forum.
:gandhi nobody knows ()
Todd Putnam:GE Boycott and NBC (articles)
NBC's views of the GE boycott.
Michael Anthony:High ISO and Underexposed (Critical TV and Film Discussion)
Systematic objectification of television and films. Interpreted ideologically(feminist,anarchist,communist point of view, etc), symbolically(spiritual,psychological POV, etc) or critically(historical, political, cultural, scientific POV, etc) etc etc etc
Anonymous:Hispanic Experience Filmography (lists)
A filmography of movies by and about hispanics.
Benjamin Cohen:Horror Filmography (lists)
A filmography of horror movies.
Megan Shaw Prelinger:How I was Politically Educated by 'The Prisoner' (articles>media>television)
A discussion of how the author's viewings of the show at different ages scaffolded the development of some of her critical faculties.
Charles M. Young:Interview with Beavis and Butt-head (interviews)
Beavis and Butt-head share their thoughts in this interview.
Patrick McGoohan:Interview with Patrick McGoohan (interviews)
An interview with Patrick McGoohan.
D. S. Baker:Jeff Koons and the Paradox of a Superstar (articles)
An exploration of the paradox that is Jeff Koons.
William Dowling:John Ford's "The Quiet Man" (article)
John Ford's "Festive Comedy," originally published in Eire/Ireland
Tim Burke:LA Slasher (Horror)
LA Slasher, the new reality-horror directed by Tim Burke. The film begins on the Friday night of Halloween where a bunch of High School/College kids are at their last day of school before they make the road trip north.
Tim Burke:LA Slasher (Horror)
The film begins on the Friday night of Halloween where a bunch of High School/College kids are at their last day of school before they make the road trip north.
Tim Burke:LA Slasher (Horror)
The film begins on the Friday night of Halloween where a bunch of High School/College kids are at their last day of school before they make the road trip north.
Tim Burke:LA Slasher ()
The film begins on the Friday night of Halloween where a bunch of High School/College kids are at their last day of school before they make the road trip north.
Annalee Newitz:Madonna's Revenge (articles)
Madonna’s influence of gender and sex identities.
Ann Marie Caffrey:Marketing Angry Women (articles)
Why angry women are threatening and what we can do to overcome that image.
Jeff Akeley:Marketing Masculinity in Universal Soldier (articles)
Questions why women find a particular kind of man attractive and why masculinity is somewhat watered down in today’s action films.
Cohen and Solomon:Media Beat (articles)
The weekly article.
Brad Seawell:Media in Transition 3: television (television conference )
The third Media in Transition conference will focus on television, and will be held at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA May 2-4, 2003. Submission deadline for abstracts: February 14, 2003.
Frank Baker:Media Literacy Clearinghosue (media studies/media education)
A collection of articles, lesson plans and links for K12 educators who want to integrate media literacy in K12 instruction.
Frank Baker:Media Literacy Clearinghouse (Media Education)
A collection of articles, background, resources and lesson plans for teachers in media literacy education.
Frank Baker:Media Literacy Clearinghouse (Media education)
A web resource, designed for K-12 educators, who wish to integrate standards based media education into the classroom.
:Media Matters (organizations>media)
Ben Bagdikian:Media Monopoly (articles)
A look at how the media are monopolized.
Paul Mills:Memorable TV (Television)
The most indepth guide on the net for television information.
Brad Seawell:MiT3: television (conference )
The third Media in Transition conference centers on television's political and cultural role at the dawn of our new millennium.
Ron Alcalay:Morphing Out of Identify Politics: Black or White and 72 (articles)
How politics and film morphing are similar.
Pittsburgh Cinema Project:Movie Review Query Engine (databases)
A search engine of movie reviews.
Barry McGinn:My Arse Your Face (Discussion)
A look at the similarities between my arse and your face...
Zach Furness:My Dad Kicked Ass for a Living (articles>media>television>sports)
The author describes growing up watching his father on television.
Tania Hermida:Ojo al Margen (Film and Visual Culture)
Ecuadorian On-line magazine with independent film critics and articles on visual culture phenomena
Mark Engler:On The Price is Right (articles>television>gameshows)
The Price is Right is a truly American game show: the perfect blend of capitalism and democracy.
Tinel Milea:Onety serials and movies free (Movies)
Onety.net is site for free online serials and movies. We watch movies free online through our website. Movies new and old will all appear on the site.
PBS:PBS (sites)
Home page for the PBS television station.
FAIR:PBS Quiz (quizzes)
A quiz about the PBS television station.
Stewart Clamen:Pittsburgh Movies (guides)
A timetable of what movies are playing in Pittsburgh.
FAIR:Public TV Tilts Toward Conservatives (articles)
A commentary about the conservative tilt public television is heading for.
Seth Sanders:Pulp Fictions: Some Recently-Deceased Straw Men (articles)
A look at how the movie Pulp Fiction reacts to many current concepts in films.
Patrick Burkart:Radio Shock (articles)
How liberal-bashing talk radio is popular and why Liberals must pay attention.
Bill Salzmann:Reality Bites, So Buy a Big Gulp (articles)
Generation X in the movies.
Annalee Newitz:Remembering Frank Capra's America (articles)
Reconsidering nationalism in America as a possible way out of the 'coming anarchy' predicted in one of America's oldest and most respected publications.
Cynthia Hoffman:Rescuing the Knight (articles)
Discusses the ways in which the Internet is a kind of community.
Jim Schaefer:Riprap The Academic Book Television Program (Television)
This site provides information about the only television program in the United States to focus on interviews with academic book authors. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phone: 734-332-4719. Fax: 734-973-1425.
Edward Megerizky:Russian TV - videorecording! ()
A few movements of mouse will regularly provide you with videorecording of almost any programmes, from the general Russian telechannels (ORT, RTR, Tv-centre, NTV, telechannel "Culture", TVS).
Anonymous:Scary Merger Info (articles)
A description of the media-entertainment conglomerate created by Viacom Inc.'s purchase of Paramount Communications Inc. and its proposed merger with Blockbuster Entertainment Corp.
Charles Deemer:Screenwriters/Playwrights Page (sites)
Home page for screenwriters and playwrights.
loif inc:ShowBizMonster.com (film/tv)
Free audition/casting calls listings
Matt Wray:Speed and Politics (articles)
Political messages in the movie.
Brian Kassof:Talking 'Bout Whose Generation? (articles)
Tthe Baby Boom Generation’s attempt to maintain control of modern American culture.
Walt Disney:Testimony to HUAC (testimonies)
The Testimony of Walter E. Disney Before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
Anonymous:The 50, 26, 20...Corporations That Own Our Media (articles)
How corporations dominate the media.
Joe Lockard:The American Empire in Televised Crisis (articles>media>american)
The IMD Team:The Internet Movie Database (sites)
The home page of the popular database page.
Gavan McCormack:The Simpsons Archive (sites)
News and information about the Simpsons television series.
Jonathan Sterne:Theory Goes to the Movies (articles)
A look at disseminating theories in movies.
Anonymous:TV Heroines & Money (articles)
Why female action-adventure heroes seem to have plenty of money and looks.
Steven Rubio:TV Nation and Bosnia (articles)
How an episode in the series TV Nation treated Bosnia.
Wally Bowen:U.S. Media History (articles)
Review of the Telecommunications, Mass Media and Democracy: The Battle for Control of U.S. Broadcasting, by Robert McChesney.
Noah Klutz:{{@UFC BOSTON~}}Watch Mcgregor vs Siver Live Stream Free Online (sports)
UFC Fight Night 59: Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Watch Mcgregor vs Siver Live Stream Free Online Who: Conor McGregor vs Dennis Siver What: UFC Fight Night 59 When: Sun., Jan.18,2015, beginning at 8 p.m. ET Where: TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts Watch Here » http://w.atch.me/OaVdNT {@UFC BOSTON~}}Watch Mcgregor vs Siver Live Stream Free Online {{@UFC BOSTON~}}Watch Mcgregor vs Siver Live Stream Free Online {{@UFC BOSTON~}}Watch Mcgregor vs Siver Live Stream Free Online {{@UFC BOSTON~}}Watch Mcgregor vs Siver Live Stream Free Online Boston! Watch Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Online Free. Boston! Watch Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Online Free. Boston! Watch Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Online Free. Boston! Watch Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Online Free. Boston! Watch Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Online Free. Boston! Watch Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Online Free. Boston! Watch Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Online Free. Boston! Watch Conor Mcgregor vs Dennis Siver Live Stream Online Free But apart from tuning in to look if the supremely confident Irishman can deliver on his many promises and get a shot at Jose Aldo, fans will also be watching to find out if Donald Cerrone can translate his six-fight winning streak into finally cracking the Benson Henderson code, and if Uriah Hall can continue his ascent in the middleweight division.
Dark of Noon Pictures:When Tyrants Kiss (films)
A film noir set in 1937, this free-to-watch feature-length film features suspense, intrigue and thrills.
Iqbal Thakur:www.lg2craft.org (Film & TV Research Center)
Center for Research in Art of Film & Television
Ben Percy:Zeitgeist of Doom (reviews)
A review of the movie adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's <em>The Road</em>, directed by John Hillcoat.